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simple and cleanTime 2shine with Bootstrap5 in Dnn

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2shine mit Bootstrap5

simple and clean layout/skin for DNN 
new with Bootstrap 5.3 CSS Variables

This theme is a layout/skin for the CMS DNN based on Bootstrap5 and SASS. It allows you to create simple custom designs within minutes and complex designs within a few hours. This is why it’s called instant.

If you are not familiar with Dnn you should be starting there. You will get the most out of 2shine in combination with a professional bootstrap content-template like 2sxc.

2shine is an open-source software which was designed and developed by professionals at 2sic in Switzerland. 2shine is built on Bootstrap 5 and implements all the newest technologies and best practices.

Any given paths in this documentation will always take the 2shine root folder as starting point.