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Dnn / 2shine PageSpeed & Performance

We Care about PageSpeed

Having a top-notch page-speed is critical for your SEO rankings and for the user experience of your customers. 

2shine is meant to have an amazing page speed - it was 99 on mobile when the site launched in December 2021. 

But it's easy to botch, so please read our tips and tricks below. 

Disable jQuery for Visitors

  1. 2shine doesn't need jQuery
  2. jQuery can cost you 5 to 10 points on Google Page Speed
  3. You should disable it by default and only enable it in code which really needs it

Dnn actually has a setting to do this, but it's not visible in the UI.

👉 Here's a checklist to disable jQuery by default

Avoid Font-Icon Libraries

Do you love fontawesome? We do!

But if you include the entire font and the huge CSS for it to work, it can cost you 10-20 PageSpeed points. So if you care about SEO and PageSpeed, here some recommendations:

  1. Icons in the theme are usually limited to 2-3 items. Just inline the SVGs (see image to the left)
  2. If your content needs dynamic icons, use a system which gets the svg-files instead of preloading the entire font.