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Breadcrumbs in 2shine

How it Works

The breadcrumb navigation is defined in the controls > theme-body.ascx file. It takes the Home page and ads a css class to it. It does the same with the last link in the Breadcrumbs Navigation. The skin then styles the links in betwenn to disappear depending on the screen ratio and adds the dotts as a button to expand the breadcrumbs. 

Remove the Breadcrumbs

  1. Go to controls
  2. Go to theme-body.ascx 
  3. Search for the code that produzes the breadcrumbs navigation $
  4. Delete or comment the div with the class="to-shine-page-breadcrumb" out
    1. Comment things: <%-- comment --%>
    2. So if you put <%-- before the breadcrumb and --%> after the breadcrumb it will be seen as comment and wont be displayed (The advantage is, that you can just remove the comment and it will work again) 

This page without the Breadcrumbs Navigation