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2shine is built to be easy to customize to anyones needs one of the more often customized components is the navigation. So here you go a complete guide to 2shine navigation.

If you want to make any adjustements to the navigation which aren’t already provided you will have to do that at this location 2shine > nav.

Disabble Dropdown in the Navigation

  1. In your files go to controls
  2. Go to theme-body.ascx
  3. In this file search for the line where the navigation file is loaded. It should look like this:
    • <dnn:MENU MenuStyle="nav/mainDropdown" NodeSelector="*,0" runat="server" />
  4. Change this line to:
    • <dnn:MENU MenuStyle="nav/mainNoDropdown" NodeSelector="*,0" runat="server" />

This change will apply for the whole site. This is possible because we prepared a second version of our normal navbar which doesn't generate the dropdown menu. 

Here you will find this example

Mobile Navigation orrientation

On mobile the navigation changes to a collapsable menu which is triggered by hamburger button. This menu usually comes into the screen from the left. You can change this by changing the offcanvas- class in the header in the themebody.ascx file. This class can have the values "start", "top" and "end".